Headphone Cord Clutter

An interesting way to get it straight with your loose headphone cord.

I’d definetly recommend these to anyone using headphone!

via Gizmodo & Bookofjoe by Pencils.jp


Mac motorcycles

Visual design for Mac motorcycles (UK company)

via Pto Svédasztal by Carefully Considered


A Do It Yourself CNC. You can download all the drawings and assembly manual if you want to build it at home.


Unfold the virtual potter’s wheel

via Dezeen by Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen


An open source lasercutterproject!

Really good to see kinda thing ‘cos it really cost a lot of money!

It’s in an early stage of development, but it’s worth to wait!

via Lasersaur

Autodesk Labs: Photofly

via Autodesk Labs 

Iain Sinclair

Probably you’ve seen this before, I’ll just post it ‘cos I liked it back then! 🙂 Oh yeah this is a credit card sized foldable knife!

via Iain Sinclair