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(Renault) Alpine A110 (1961-1977)

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Art of Mike Puncekar



This guy seems to be specialized in ilusstrating Mario enemies. They are great! Check out his Portfolio/Blog where you can see other stuff as well.

via Mike Puncekar

Autodesk Labs: Photofly

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Iain Sinclair

Probably you’ve seen this before, I’ll just post it ‘cos I liked it back then! 🙂 Oh yeah this is a credit card sized foldable knife!

via Iain Sinclair


Another overpriced designer “toy”. Seriusly I’ll only post custom made toys that you cannot necesarry buy it for a fortune! This one is actually a bucket or so just to be usefull.

via Acne JR

Curved tiles by Lithos

A hexagonal tile system developed by  Italina Lithos Design which allows to have a built in lamp

by adding a curved element into the pattern.

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Assasin’s Creed Hoodie

Who know where to buy this stuff?? 🙂