Biomimikry Bag by Cyclus


A bag line called Pangolin that tries to mimic animals for aesthetical functions. Interesting and truly unusual stuff! 😀

by via Mindennapi Betevő by Cyclus



 Expansion by Paige Bradley via Not Cot

Massoud Hassani

My Way talks: Massoud Hassani via Dezeen on Vimeo.

He designed an air/wind drived land mine seeker which is probably cheaper then the existing methods, but the fact is that I really like the idea of not only creating beautiful object for self entertainment, but also to make something useful. Truly it came from a life experience, as he’s from Afghanistan, but it really describes his personality, that he managed to move forward, graduated, and uses his talent for helping people!


via Where is the Cool


Always bring your Teddy bear with ya, when you go to sleep! 🙂
by “*begemott”  via Devian Art

Vito Selma ‘Geo’ series


Young philipines designer Vito Selma and his Geo series table plays with movement of lines.


Tomasz Opasinski

Non commercial movie poster made by Tomasz Opasinski. Check out his online portfolio.

If you are thinking about buying on of these, you can do that on Etsy.