Nice way of using hard drive as a music player, I’m just no sure how long the battery can last….

via Yanko Design


Rising chair

I mean come on! Have you actually thought about storing your chair like that? It is so simple but great at the same time. I would only question, how do they make it stand in this position if you are sitting on it? Is there something underneath that holds the two legs together? You can read about his inspiration and creation process on his blog!

by Robert van Embricqs  via Yanko Design

Holga D

Please let this happen! I would definetly buy it instantly the digital version of scrap/party camera!

by Saikat Biswas

Crimean Pinecone Lamp

Lets go DIY mood. It’s so simple that you wonder why you never had this idea!

via Contemporist by Pavel Eekra


i dunno what this is, but it’s a bit TRONish! o_O


Star Wars_Crushed Walker

Submitted by CucumberBoy @ Swagonline

Whisky et Chocolat

Ahh Ballantines, soon you’ll be mine! ^o^

via  Vodka & Co