Paper beast

Great piece of art and imagination!

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Tkaro glass

Simple and I can imagine it customized by a crazy artist! 🙂 Won the Red Dot Design Award by the way. 😉

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Hungarian Star wars posters

Epic hungarian Star Wars poster. I’ll look up the artist who made them ‘cos they are remarkable unique and so precious to my heart /I’m hungarian/

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UPDATE: It seems that the artist is Tibor Helényi and I found a small article about the posters here. Unfortunatelly they are  in hungarian, but google translator will help you a lot! 🙂 Write me if you need any help!

Hanes awesome videogame posters

Hannes is a graphic designer who made several fan art videogame posters beside other graphics. I simply love it!! 😀

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Eric Poulton pixel art

Underneath it all….section of a pixel world. Click here to see the whole pic.

Diablo 3

I am so looking forward to play with Diablo 3. Beautiful piece of artwork usual if it’s about Blizzard! 😀

Sofie Ehlers_ Coffe

I was  always and will be obsesed about it! 🙂 Nothing better then a coffe in an early morning except your girl waking you up with a small surprise 😉

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